Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Hey lolita, hey

Denim jacket: Primark
Tshirt: New Look
Skirt: New Look

This denim jacket hasn't been off my back since I bought it. I think it looks a bit too '90s' as it's a size bigger than I'd usually go for, but I like it anyway. It's comfortable and goes with everything.. apart from denim.. I'm not brave enough to rock the double denim look! I got some studs from eBay through the post yesterday so I'm going to jazz it up a bit. I bought the tshirt and the skirt after I featured them in a wishlist post. I love the faded/vintage look of the tshirts and the baggy sleeves. The skirt goes with everything too and I think it's really flattering. I just wore this outfit to go down to uni and do some more dissertation work. Yawn. I can't wait until it's all over!

Tomorrow I've got a uni fieldtrip just outside of town and then I'm hoping to buy an outfit for #LDNlunch before I go to the drs and then back to uni to do more work. Another exciting day..

Those of you that I'll be seeing on Saturday, what are you wearing?


  1. I love denim and black together (: such a nice tee as well, I haven't managed to find a really nice and comfy one in a while though. Have fun at your Uni trip and at the LDN Lunch! xx

  2. The tee looks really good with the denim jacket, love it!

    Laila x

  3. love that t shirt! and the skirt is such a lovely shape x

  4. Love a good denim jacket, great outfit! And that skirt's from New Look?! oh dear there goes my next paycheck...=S xoxo

  5. I do love that tee, it's wonderful! xx

  6. loove the jacket, 90s is cool so it's fine :) & I'm coming to LDNlunch... NO idea what to wearr- I'm excited thoughhhh x

  7. I love the t-shirt! And denim is always a winner. I'm wearing pastals on saturday!


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