Monday, 27 February 2012

A Week in Instagram #5

Spending all day at uni doing my dissertation - Leopard print nails - Parcel full of hot chocolate from my Mommy - We've had a couple of really sunny days in Winchester - More dissertation work - My hair actually looked good for once - Oreo cupcakes that I made - One of my favourite rings - Still obsessed with Temple Run

This week I have mainly been doing my dissertation (deadline is two weeks today!!), drinking caffeinated drinks and not getting any sleep. This week looks to be just as bad, I'm spending all day at uni tomorrow and Wednesday and Friday.. desperately trying to get these 10,000 words written up. I'm really looking forward to #LDNlunch on Saturday though, who else is going? If anyone wants to do a bit of shopping in Oxford St beforehand, give me a shout.. I'm planning on getting there early!


  1. Good luck with the final stretch of your dissertation sweet! I'm about a third/halfway through mine and feeling the strain so much, sobsob. Oreo cupcakes look amazing! xx

  2. Love your nails & the sound of the cupcakes! xx

  3. I love how much hot chocolate you got sent. Love to the mumma's!x


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