Monday, 13 February 2012

New Look Wishlist

The amount of stuff I want from New Look at the moment is ridiculous! It's definitely one of my favourite shops, which is probably because it's one of the only affordable clothes shops we have in Winchester apart from Primark! I love the denim shorts, they're great for the upcoming SS pastel trend, same with the tshirt. I don't usually like tshirts but the faded, pastel print on this really appeals to me for some reason. I've been after a basic black mini skirt for a while and I think this might be 'the one'! I think the polkadot frilly socks are really cute and of course, I love the owl purse. I have no need for it though. 

Have you seen anything you like in New Look recently?


  1. great wishlist and that owl purse is adorable

  2. Great post!! :) I see that little owl purse all the time when I am in New Look, I'm deffo going to buy it next time i'm in!!! :) lol

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  3. Them socks are so cute!! and only £1.99, am defiantly going to have a look in my store!


  4. the owl purse is so cute!

    laila x

  5. I'm really liking New Look's S/S stuff this year. I have so many 'I need this' items bookmarked it's unreal... too much temptation! ;)

  6. i have this t shirt! i fell in love with it when i saw it...i also really love these shorts, they have so much great pastel stuff at the moment! x


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