All opinions on this blog are my own unless otherwise stated. I'm always completely honest about the products that I review whether I've purchased them with my own money or not.

The majority of the products that I review on this blog have been purchased with my own money, however there may be a few things that I've been sent by PRs or have received in goody bags at events. These gifted items will be marked with an asterisk (*) to show that they weren't purchased by me. Again, all reviews will be completely honest and if I'm gifted an item that I really don't like, I won't write about it. I only accept products that I will actually use and that are relevant to my blog.

On occasion, I will be paid to write a post. I always tag these as sponsored posts and will write that they are sponsored at the bottom of each one. I only accept sponsored posts if I feel that they are relevant to my blog.

Many of my posts contain affiliate links and I'm a member of SkimLinks.

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