Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Wishlist: Festival Fashion with New Look

The festivals have started and everywhere you look people are talking about festival fashion. I'm off to Wireless Festival in a few weeks and I'm so excited! It will be my first time at a festival since V 2008 and back then I didn't really care about what I was wearing, I just stuck on some wellies and a pair of denim shorts and planted myself at the barrier to wait for Muse. This year though, I've been planning ahead!

The most important things to have at a festival are decent footwear and a good, safe bag. I've chosen these sandals as they look super comfy yet are still very on trend. The bag is stylish yet will help to keep your belongings safe. Florals are a big part of festival fashion and are everywhere from on clothing to in pretty hair accessories. Here, I've chosen these floral shorts and will pair them with a simple white cami and a black kimono to help prevent sunburn. This outfit would also be great for my trip to Paris next week as long as the weather is good in the French capital!

What are you wearing to festivals this year? If you need some inspiration, have a look at the video below from New Look

Festival Fashion Timeline by New Look


  1. How exciting for you, only a couple of weeks to go and I love your choices especially the cardigan/jacket.

  2. love that kimono jacket, saw it in store this weekend and I like that it's quite plain so you can wear it with patterned stuff xx

  3. I love the outfit! New Look do some great things!
    Have a great time!


  4. Thank you for the inspiration, I'm off to a few festivals this year x

  5. My wellies for Glasto this year are from New Look, they have some brilliant things in at the minute. In fact they're probably my favourite shop on the hight street right now! Love that kimono, and have fun at Wireless

  6. LOVE that kimono! I wish I was going to a festival this year. Hope you enjoy Wireless xx



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