Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Fashion: Favourite shoes for Spring

Now it's getting hotter I've found myself stepping away (no pun intended!) from my big clompy boots and Dr Martens and instead opting for more appropriate summery shoes. The weather is a bit iffy at the moment, glorious sunshine one minute and then a torrential downpour the next so I haven't managed to get the sandals out just yet. Here's what I've had on my feet over the past few weeks..

Dr Marten Lester shoes* - Cloggs, available here
I've had these babies since January and I still haven't broken them in. You may have seen my original post on them here where I said I was looking forward to wearing them with a denim dress, well, I haven't managed to do  that yet but I have been wearing them with turned up jeans. Once it's definitely bare leg weather, I'll be wearing these with a dress and a pair of cute frilly socks.

Cut out buckle ankle boots* - Shoe Zone, available here
I've worn these a surprising amount since I got them. They have a heel on them so I didn't expect them to be as comfortable as they are but I can wear them all day without any problems. I've been pairing them with frilly ankle socks and I've had a lot of compliments on them so far.

Floral tapestry pumps - New Look
I got these in the sale after Christmas for just £5 and I've been wearing them for work a lot recently. The dress code at work is black, so these are fine to wear but they also make a boring black outfit look a bit more interesting with the tapestry pattern on them. They've got quite a chunky sole as well which I really like. I wish I'd bought a couple of pairs of these now, I'll be gutted when they eventually die on me.

Now I'm just waiting for the summer weather to actually arrive so I can get the sandals out!


  1. those are some gorgeous shoes! i'm forever in love with docs, all year round! :D

  2. I like the flowery one on the left hand side. I wouldn't mind a pair like this :-)

  3. Lovely shoes I like the creamy floral ones best.

  4. Those floral shoes are divine. I keep seeing floral shoes around the blogosphere, I think it's time I splurged on a pair. Are the Doc Martens really heavy and sweaty though? I do'n't think I could cope with pongy feet all summer!


  5. Love the shoes :) So 90's . x

  6. Love all three of these, especially the Docs and can't believe the middle ones are from Shoezone!! Amazing

    Laura x

  7. I love the cut out boots. They are fabulous. They are going on the wish list!


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