Thursday, 28 November 2013

Review: Cosmetics To Go (LUSH) Violet Nights bath oil

Cosmetics To Go Violet Nights bath oil*

I was extremely excited to receive this bath oil in my goody bag from the Lush 'Danger! Cosmetics To Go' book launch last week. Not only is the product a rare exclusive that was reproduced especially for the launch of the book after being out of production for years, it also smells bloody amazing.

Violet Nights is a bath oil, however I found that when I added it to my bath and gave it a swirl around, it turned the water a slight milky colour. The scent of this is fantastic, it doesn't smell like much in the bottle, but once it hits the warm water - wow! The most powerful scent is the violet oil, which is reminiscent of parma violet sweets or my old favourite Lush soap, Gratuitous Violets. The next scent I noticed was Sandalwood, although this isn't everyone's favourite, I love it. The bath oil has a very dark, musky smell which is perfect for me, that's just what I look for in a bath product. I also found that when I got out of the bath, my skin wasn't as dry and tight as it usually is so I didn't need to use as much moisturiser as usual. 

I'm so sad that this is an exclusive product and I really hope I can get my hands on another bottle, it's gorgeous. I love how they also reproduced the original Cosmetics To Go label too. 


  1. This sounds lovely, I wish it was in store to buy as I know I'd pick it up :) the bottle looks really nice too.
    A Little Boat Sailing

  2. Oh I'm jealous! Lush seem to discontinue all their violet scented products, despite how popular they are. I absolutely adored the Bathos bubble bar, but, alas, it has gone to the great big violet bath in the sky :(


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