Saturday, 6 December 2014

Guest Post: Add Some Drama To Your Outfit - How To Accessorise With Style

The finishing touch to any outfit that you are wearing will always be the truly unique and personal accessory that you have chosen, which helps to create a sense of drama and a real talking point.

If you are in control of your wardrobe, you will have your staple basics that work for many different occasions such as your ultra-reliable little black dress that is the go-to choice when you are maybe wondering what to wear.

Accessories are what help to add a sense of drama and the perfect finishing touch to your outfit, so here are some ideas on how to accessorise with style.

Your own sense of style
Having a killer dress that really looks good on you provides you with an excellent starting point and allows you the chance to then add your own sense of style and personality with accessories.

There are some really stunning and fantastic pieces out there to use. You might accessorise with an oversized bling ring or mix it up with diamonds that are combined with ethnic beads. Leather and lace, stripes and checks, the combinations are almost limitless and just requires a bit of creative thinking and knowing where to find that piece that is so you.

Budget is no restriction
It is often the case that those of us who don’t have a large budget to spend on clothes and accessories, understand style better than those that don’t understand that fashion is expensive but style isn’t.
Not be able to slavishly follow trends and working on a budget is definitely no restriction to being able to create a sense of style and drama in what you wear. It also means that you are more likely to be able to perfect the art of mixing a few expensive items with some cheaper finds.

Shopping for your accessories
There are plenty of fashionable hotspots and great places to find some stunning accessories that won’t cost you a fortune.Places like Camden Market in London are some fashionistas best-kept secrets and you can often find some real vintage bargains and plenty of sources of inspiration along the way. If you check out flea markets and independent stores who specialise in bespoke costume jewellery and accessories, you are certain to stumble on something that will be just perfect for you.

Be different
If you always remember that you are not following any trends but simply stamping your own personality and sense of style on each outfit with the accessories you use, then you will get plenty of compliments and be pleased that you have dared to be different.

Being unpredictable is what is going to make you look different and stand out from the crowd. It will take time and some trial and error until you actually find that perfect blend of imperfect mixes, but that is what style is really about.

Dare to be distinctive and accessorise with style by adding some drama to your outfit. 

Kevin Ellis is a digital content coordinator and marketing consultant. He enjoys blogging and sharing his ideas online. His articles mainly appear on travel and lifestyle blogs.

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  1. Great guest post with a great message -don't be afraid to be yourself!


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