Monday, 8 August 2011

My Week In Photos 3

Started off the week with a curry and a catch up with a few friends - Popped to IKEA but all I bought was a bin - I had to say goodbye to my girls before I headed back to Winchester - A neighbour's apple tree which looks delicious! I couldn't take a photo out of the window as there was a topless man in the garden and I'd look like a perv - I clearly have way too much spare time which I use wisely by painting crap on my nails - Took a walk up St Giles Hill after work which gives a panoramic view of the city. It's breathtaking - The River Itchen which I passed on my way back from the hill into town - Two new owls to add to my collection. The one on the left is a pencil sharpener that my nan bought me from Devon. The one on the right houses some chocolate orange lipbalm which my lovely housemate bought for me.

Last week was very up and down as it was my nan's funeral on Monday and then I had to travel back to Winchester late Wednesday night even though I wanted to stay at home longer. I hate being grown up and having a job and responsibilities. I came back to a bathroom infested with spiders (I counted 19 before I wanted to throw up out of fear) which Henry the Hoover gobbled up for me. I spent four days on my own with just the spiders for company (more kept appearing and they were getting bigger and bigger) until one of my housemates came back and her dad kindly threw a big hairy beast of a spider outside. I had three friends from Primark round last night for a chinese and a catch up which was lovely and I'm going to spend the next three days working on my FYP and getting a bit of exercise as I'm not at work again until Thursday.


  1. I totally feel like eating a curry right about now!!! sorry to hear about your nan too, hope you're okay. I hate responsibilities too, I still feel about 10 years old!!!

  2. Awh, the cat and rabbit is so cute! As are the owls actually :)
    The views look beautiful!
    Blerugh, 19 spiders? That's horrendous, poor you! :( xx
    Sirens and Bells

  3. The little bunny is so cute!

  4. Steph (sundaze)9 August 2011 at 00:01

    That curry looks amazing!

    Sorry about your nan x

  5. Sorry to hear about your nan, hope your feeling better now. Your rabitt is too cute! x


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