Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Bad Things Coming, We Are Safe

I bought some new make up last time I went to Birmingham. I finally bought my first MAC lipstick and I am in LOVE. I've only ever had MAC lipglosses before and I bought them off eBay so they don't really count. I felt really cool walking around Birmingham swinging my little yellow Selfridges bag. I obviously need to get out more. I had a look at the lipsticks with Eloise at the Brum Blogger Meet and picked the one I wanted but there was a massive queue, as you'd expect on a Saturday so I already knew that I wanted Chatterbox. I was also looking for a new foundation so I spoke to one of the sales assistants who recommended Studio Sculpt in NC15. He tested it on me, but I wasn't sure so he gave me a sample to try for a few days. I didn't like it at all, it felt greasy. I like it when foundation actually sinks into your skin and doesn't just sit on top. So, after purchasing Chatterbox I headed to Superdrug to test out some of the foundations that I'd been recommended on Twitter. I ended up buying Bourjois Healthy Mix in shade 51 which, at £9.99 was a lot cheaper than the MAC one!

Chatterbox is a brilliantly pigmented, opaque pink and is an Amplified Creme so it is really creamy and won't dry your lips out. If you do have dry lips, I'd recommend wearing a lip balm under this as my lups have been quite dry recently and when I forgot to use a balm it was really apparent. Apart from that though, it's amazing. It has great staying power and I hardly have to top it up during the day! Next time I'm looking for a lipstick, I will definitely be looking at Amplified Cremes. The colour is brilliant and is bold without being too in-your-face. It's great for everyday wear.

I was recommended Bourjois Healthy Mix because I was looking for a medium coverage foundation. I was a bit dubious at first and thought it would probably be better to spend a bit more money and perhaps try MAC or another high end brand. I'm glad I purchased this though. It gives fantastic coverage and covers up all my blemishes while also giving a lovely dewy finish. It blends really well so you don't get those tell-tale foundation lines. It also has brilliant staying power. I put it on in the morning and in the evening it still looks perfect, even in all the heat we've been having recently. I will definitely be repurchasing this when I run out. It's usually on a 3 for 2 offer as well.
MAC lipstick in Chatterbox and Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 51

You may also have noticed that I'm wearing THAT leopard print collar dress. I bought it back in February but it was one of the things that got stolen from my house. I managed to find it in the sale in New Look in Tamworth last week though!


  1. Oh I adore Chatterbox, it's such a fun lipstick! You'll soon get addicted to MAC lippies, trust me ;).


  2. That lipstick colour is so, so gorge! Really suits your skin tone. I agree, buying stuff at the counter makes you feel good, hahahaha. Though, I haven't done so in ages 'cos I can't afford to pay full price these days! Ebay addict, right here.

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  3. So we both got our mac lipsticks! I love mine and will more than likely be purchasing more...
    I quite like the studio fix though but I've been mixing it with a cheaper and lighter shade of Maybelline which seems to be working for me. It does seem to form a layer on top of the skin though.


  4. look super cute, I have chatterbox too :)

  5. I really want to get a MAC lipstick! I'm currently deciding between the Bourjois Healthy Mix and the Revlon Colour Stay...

  6. Suits you! I've been after that shade for ages now!!

    Your hair looks amazing btw xx

  7. I love your hair colour - it's so pretty.


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