Tuesday, 1 March 2011

February Monthly Run Down

Two of my favourite photos from February, despite my boyfriend looking very drunk in one!

There goes February! This month has been quite boring as I haven't had a lot of money and next month is going to be exactly the same! I've had a lot of good nights where I've had people round my house. My anniversary with my boyfriend and Valentine's Day were brilliant. 

I have been buying…mostly food and a couple of peter pan collar dresses and graze boxes!
I have been eating atBuddy's Diner,  McDonalds every Sunday morning for breakast before work (that's a weekly tradition of mine though), Spoons a couple of times. Mostly I've been cooking up yummy meals myself.
I have visited…I travelled back to Winchester from home (Staffordshire) and I went to Southampton for the day.. bit of a boring month to be honest!
Best Bargain I got some lovely lipsticks from Avon really cheap and I've bought The Little Mermaid and Aladdin dvd. They weren't bargains but were cheaper than I expected them to be!
I have achieved… My blog reached 60 followers so I've done a giveaway
I've been listening to... Goldheart Assembly, the new Thirteen Senses album, Chew Lips
I've been reading... Again, nothing. I got some books out of the library on Early Prehistoric Europe though
Next month I’m looking forward to… I'm really skint this month and saving for our holiday to the Isle of Wight in April so I won't be going out much but I'll be going out for one of my best friend's birthdays towards the end of the month and I'm sure there will be lots of gatherings at my house and the bar at uni!
Next month I hope to splash some cash on… Nothing apart from bills I'm afraid!

Bit of a boring post, I've had a shit couple of days. I'll be back to normal with a couple of NOTDs soon, I promise!

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  1. Those pictures are cute! I like your mask :) thanks for the comment xx


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