Thursday, 3 March 2011

Sorry I haven't been posting as normal. I've had a few rubbish days and I just haven't felt like it recently. So this is just a quick post, featuring a couple of NOTDs.

This is what my nails looked like last week:
I love this look! I used No7's Pink Grapefruit as the base colour and the Barry M crackle polish. I got loads of compliments on these. Unfortunately, I left three nail polishes on a windowsill in my house and they've now mysteriously disappeared.. one of them being the crackle polish. The one I bought for my giveaway was the last one in Boots and there weren't any more in Superdrug so I won't be using this again until I can get another one!

This is what my nails look like at the moment:
This is No7's Coral Kiss. The photo was taken in natural light, without flash so this is what the colour really looks like. It's a bit too red to be coral I think, I'm not sure if I like it. I might pop a glittery topcoat on to jazz it up a bit! What do you think?

Because I've been so boring, here's some other great blogs I think you should check out:


  1. That's such a pretty coral colour, I love seeing everyone gearing up for better weather with nail polishes lol! xx

  2. according to look magazine 'coral is in right now' ;) i really need that crackle effect polish!

  3. I really like coral nails, that one is a little red. Good luck finding another crackle paint.

  4. like the grapefruit color. i still have to try this crackle polish...pretty cool!

  5. I have Barry M's crackle, still trying to make my mind up on it!
    Take a look at my giveaway here

  6. i love the cracking barry m nail varnish its lovely! and the grapefruit underneath goes so well! may have to try that combination myself :-)

  7. i love the coral- it looks more red to me..? but i still love the it on its own :)



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