Thursday, 18 September 2014

Fashion: What would you say to your younger self?

If I could write a letter to my younger self, the one thing I would tell myself to do differently is dress better. I made a lot of fashion mistakes when I was at school, I'm sure we all did. Our school uniform was pretty strict, black trousers/skirt, white polo and a black sweatshirt so we couldn't really go wrong, however I used to wear the most awful shoes. My parents were pretty strict on what shoes I wore for school and they were never the most fashionable, although they were comfortable and supported my feet. Nowadays, there's so many nice pairs of shoes that are also comfortable that would be perfect for school.

I started to rebel a bit in Year 11 and wore a different coloured top under my polo shirt everyday and tied a leopard print tie through the belt loops of my trousers instead of using an actual belt. God, I thought I was so cool and edgy. I wasn't. The trousers I wore were horrendous, 'smart' black trousers which were actually quite baggy and unflattering. If I could dress myself for school again now, I'd pick some slim fit trousers which would flatter my figure a lot more or a skirt. I wish I'd had the confidence to have worn a skirt at school, I wore one once but a comment I got about my hairy legs put me off ever wearing one again. I was thirteen and my leg hairs are blonde anyway. I wish I could have ignored the bully.

Another major fashion mistake came in the form of school bags - I had so many different ones but the one that sticks out the most is one of those one strap backpacks from Head. I thought it was the best thing ever and used it everyday. I wasn't allowed a new backpack every year so I used it for a good couple of years. It was so awful that I can't even find a photo of it on Google images. I get so jealous when I see girls walking to school with their bags nowadays, I would definitely tell my younger self to get something much trendier like a pretty little satchel or a nice tote bag. 

The letter to my younger self would basically say: Ignore the bullies, ditch the leopard print and wear better shoes. 


  1. Love this! I don't think I was too bad towards the end of School but in like Year 8... Oh man! I wish someone would've told me that actually buying Mackenzie jackets was not cool neither was owning everything Playboy and Golddigga! xo

  2. Oh god, I never think about how I dressed in high school but there were some serious... interesting choices I made there. I really liked boat necks and always had my bra straps showing, mostly because I liked to wear bras with everything (still do) and don't much like strapless ones (still don't). I wore some stuff that I would feel super uncomfortable in now. I also had a phase where I really overdressed, but I was just trying stuff out. I don't particularly regret any of it though!


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