Thursday, 11 September 2014

Fashion: Dressing an X Factor judge

It's that time of the year where the X Factor is back on our screens. I don't know about you but I just love the first few weeks for the auditions and seeing the judges reactions! I love watching the hilariously bad singers (I'm sure they just let the audition for the comedy value!) but also seeing the people with real talent finally getting a break. 
Faux leather bodycon midi - Bracelet set - Chandalier earrings - Black platform heels
I was given the task by Betfair who offer special bets on the X Factor to dress an X Factor judge on a high street budget. I took this quiz to find out which judge I would be and I ended up with Cheryl. Lets be honest, the woman is gorgeous. You could dress her in a black bin liner and she'd still look a million times better than the rest of us. 
Cheryl always looks so glam, so I picked out a dress that I think she would wear and have paired it with an amazing pair of skyscraper heels that I could only dream of wearing. I love the two different textures in the dress, the faux leather is fantastic for autumn/winter and helps to glam up an otherwise simple black bodycon midi. It really doesn't need accessorising too much so I've chosen a set of black and gold bangles and the most amazing pair of black and gold chandalier earrings.
What do you think of the outfit I picked out? The dress is definitely something that I would wear and it's my birthday coming up so I may have to get this to wear on the day.

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  1. I particularly love the earrings and the shoes, and yes you are right she would look amazing dressed in a bin bag!

  2. I love the accessories - not sure if I could pull of the dress though.

  3. I love the dress! It's such a statement piece! x

  4. I love this look, you're definitely captured Cheryl's style x


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