Friday, 13 June 2014

Guest post: How to achieve an award winning smile

The importance of a great smile should not be underestimated. It is no coincidence that the faces staring back at us from magazines and tv shows all have perfect pearly whites: the right smile makes us seem more beautiful, more successful and far friendlier, and in turn the right focus on dental perfection could vastly improve confidence, appeal to the opposite sex and even the chances of getting one’s dream job.
It may seem that landing the perfect job is all about having the right mindset, relevant experience and a vast array of qualifications, but with so many individuals applying for the same jobs whilst having the same experience and qualifications, it may take a friendly smile and the confidence that can accompany that award-winning grin to actually stand out. In turn, those seeking such dental treatment may find they have their investment returned many times over through increased salaries and greater opportunities.

The benefits of a perfect smile are therefore as diverse as they are countless, but how does one go about actually achieving one?

1. Eat right
The right foods will have a significant impact on the health and appearance of your teeth. Not only will avoiding sugary foods reduce the chances of decay and not only will avoiding low-carb diets help ensure that your breath is fresher when you flash that smile, but eating the right vitamins and minerals will also help keep your teeth as strong as possible. Crunchy foods will help improve the strength of teeth and increase saliva production to keep them healthy, whilst the likes of cheese will neutralise acids and boost calcium levels. Even drinking tea may help to reduce the buildup of plaque and in turn the chances of your perfect smile being ruined. However, what you avoid is just as important, and from too much sugar to the likes of red wine that can stain teeth, be as conscious of what you don’t eat as what you do.

2. Treat them mean, keep them clean
If you do eat sugary snacks, make sure you up your cleaning regimen accordingly. From chewing sugar free gum to brushing during the day, there will be ways to reduce any damage your diet may cause. After all, it is not always possible to avoid junk food or sugary treats, nor might you constantly want to. However, by chewing sugar free gum and even increasing intake of water, you can help stop plaque in its tracks and clear those teeth of sugary detritus. No matter how well you eat, it will be important to brush twice a day, floss once a day and use mouthwash as often as you can. Toothpaste should contain fluoride, and the toothbrushes you use should be of a high quality and be replaced at least every three months.

3. Visit your dentist
Regular checkups will help nip any issues in the bud before they become a problem. Whether your teeth aren’t as healthy as they should be or you simply aren’t cleaning them as well as you could, seeing a dentist and hygienist once every six months may well help you avoid issues from ever appearing and will simultaneously allow you to keep your mouth healthier and cleaner in general too.

4. Consider orthodontic treatments
No matter how well you look after your teeth and how focussed you are on a good diet, you may still not be able to get a perfect smile naturally. By visiting experts such as Hampstead Orthodontic Practice you will be able to receive a wide range of different treatments to turn your smile into that of a superstar. Options are now available to suit all needs and solve all issues, from the straightening of even the most crooked of teeth using ‘invisible braces’ to repairs of chips and cracks right through to whitening treatments that can add that extra bit of sparkle, there will be treatments to suit any personal and dental requirements. Whether gums are too prominent, teeth are simply an unappealing shape or size, or gaps need closing between teeth, modern orthodontics will offer simple solutions that could help you achieve an award-winning smile in no time. 

Then, all you will need to do is continue to focus on points 1 - 3 to make sure your smile stays that way.

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  1. Great post, i'm looking for ways to get mine whiter so i'll follow these steps!

    Love Emma xx


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