Thursday, 12 June 2014

Fashion: Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmasters

Last month I was thrilled to win a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers in a competition, however when they arrived they were far too big for me so I ended up giving them away to my mom. Luckily, Sunglasses Shop got in contact and asked me if I would like to review a pair from then. I ended up settling on the Ray-Ban Clubmasters. I love this classic style, they're not too huge on my tiny pea head and the tortoiseshell goes great with any outfit.  I'm a bit worried about wearing them out as I've never had a pair of sunglasses that cost this much before, I'm saving them for my trip to Paris next week though so hopefully I won't lose them!

What do you think of Ray-Bans? Have you got a pair?


  1. No, no Ray ban for me, Mine are a couple of quids from Primark or Matalan. I also have this problem that my head and face are small so I look ridiculous with the majority of glasses! I wish I could have a beautiful pair though, perfectly sized and priced ;)

  2. I wish I had a pair! I can't have nice things because I ruin them :( Do you feel Raybans are sturdy enough frames for a few knocks?

  3. I'm glad you like these sunglasses. I've never had expensive sunglasses, or stylish ones for that matter, because in my case comfort is much more important. I think if my eyes weren't as sensitive I'd care more about fashion too.

  4. oh,they are a nice shape. I need some new sunglasses. Since I shaved my head I haven't found any that suit me (whether I wear a headscarf or not)

  5. These are fab! I actually invested in Oakley's last year! So no Ray Bans anytime soon for me!



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