Thursday, 8 May 2014

Festival Fashion #DestinationUnknown

Festival season is fast approaching and it seems to be all anyone can talk about at the moment. It's all over the magazines and in the shops with 'festival fashion' being a big talking point. I've only ever been to a festival once and that was V Festival in 2008 and to be honest, fashion was the last thing I was thinking about when I was queueing for hours to get to the front for Muse. However, this year I'm planning on going to a couple of festivals (in fact, it was on my 25 before 25 list!) and I'm definitely going to be making an effort. No weirdo mullet hair cut or badly fitting denim shorts with tights (what was I thinking?) this year I'm going to look fantastic and I've been looking to the celebrities for inspiration.

The celebs always seem to look effortlessly cool, making festival fashion look easy, don't they? But guess what? It is easy! Just pick bold prints, loose fitting tops and dresses (for comfort and style!) and your favourite, most comfortable boots, plus a pair of quirky sunglasses and a floral crown or floppy hat and you've got the perfect festival outfit! I told you it was easy.

The above outfit is all from Bank fashion and would be perfect for any festival, although if you're going to one in the UK it might be a good idea to take a jacket along with you as well. Festivals aren't as much fun in the rain! It's best to take a bag that goes across your body and is completely secure to avoid any pick pockets. You don't want the festival mood ruined because someone has nicked all your money.

As well as V Festival, I've been to my fair share of outdoor concerts so I thought I'd also put together a list of handbag essentials that you NEED whenever you're attending a festival:

- Hand sanitiser - you're going to be partying, eating and basically sleeping outside so you need some way to ensure that you're keeping fairly clean. You don't want to pick up an awful bug at a festival!
- Tissues - the portaloos at festivals are awful and they're bound to run out of tissue before the first headliner has even got on stage so always be prepared and take your own!
- Wet wipes - again, these are great for cleanliness and will come in handy more often than you think!
- Bottle of water - you need to keep yourself hydrated, especially when you're dancing around all day so a bottle of water is always essential.
- Sun cream - You might be having too much fun to think about sun burn but you'll soon remember when you try to settle down for the night and you're in agony. It's better to be safe than sorry.
- Dry shampoo - your hair's going to look terrible, it's almost guaranteed but some dry shampoo will help to give a bit of life back to your greasy do.

This is my entry for the Bank Fashion #DestinationUnknown competition.


  1. I would so love to go to Coachella....perfect music and weather....have fun whichever ones you go to....and post loads of pics! ;)

  2. Dry shampoo really is a girls best friend in situations like this! As is hand sanitiser! X

  3. I am never going to be someone who is comfortable at Festivals but I love your practical approach.


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