Monday, 28 April 2014

Music Monday #20

Lily Allen - Sheezus

Bit of a warning - this song is NSFW! I'm so excited that Lily Allen is back and I've been listening to this song on repeat for the past few days. It's so catchy and I think they lyrics are great. I don't even mind the period bit in the middle that everyone's been moaning about. Come on, it happens to the best of us! I'm looking forward to her new album (also titled Sheezus) coming out next week, if the last two are anything to go by then it's going to be brilliant!

"Give me that crown, bitch, I wanna be Sheezus."

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  1. Interesting track not the sort of stuff I would normally listen to.Great graphics are used in video

  2. Cool track. I'm loving the album title. Now that's what I call feminist!

  3. Love this track. I love what they have done with the music video and created something different and unique.


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