Saturday, 31 August 2013

Top tips for healthy hair.

Hair extensions are not something that I've ever considered before but now I've had my hair cut pretty short (see the photo in my sidebar!) it's something I would probably think about if I need a fancy hair do for an event. Pauls Hair World offer an amazing selection of gorgeous, European hair extensions so you're always likely to find a set that suits your hair type/colour. They've got everything from straight to curly to ombre/dip dye. They also have feather extensions! The good thing about extensions is you can get the length and style you want without having to damage your hair, that's what I love about the curly extensions.

Since having all of my dead ends cut off, I've vowed to spend more time looking after my hair so it doesn't end up in such bad condition again. There's nothing like having a head of healthy hair! To make sure my hair is kept at it's best, I like to use a number of deep conditioners once a week and I always make sure I use a heat protecting spray before I apply any heat to my locks. My favourite type of conditioner is anything involving coconut oil - as well as smelling gorgeous, it nourishes the hair really well, leaving it soft and shiny and in a fantastic condition. I also like to use a hair oil just before I blow dry and then again when my hair is dry, just to tame any frizz. All of the above products are some of my favourites, click here to shop online at Pauls Hair World.

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  1. My daughter has clip in extensions, and even a clip in fringe! Something I would never wear either though. I do colour my hair, and every now and then leave conditioner on it wrapped in a towel for a few hours. X

  2. I wore clip in extensions for a couple of years and loved them, noone even noticed that they werent real either! x

  3. The macadamia treatment is really amazing! L'Oreal Mythic Oil is also really good :) x

    Sarah @ xx


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