Sunday, 4 August 2013

Ebay Wishlist #24

I'm still on the hunt for the perfect phone case. I thought I'd found it when I bough this Van Gogh one but it faded really bad after 4 months of continuous use. This owl one is so pretty and is a complete bargain at 99p! I love the little floral chest on it and the patchwork style wing. So cute.

I already have an ankh ring that I wear everyday but I stumbled across this one recently and I really feel like I need this one too. The one I currently have is also silver but the ankh is facing the other way (like this) and I also really like the style of this one. I'm a geek and I'd probably wear both together with one of my ankh tshirts, my ankh scarf and my ankh necklace.. ahem..

I'm so looking forward to the autumn and I want a nice pair of brown shoes that will go with everything. These brogues are perfect as they can be worn casually but they will also help to smarten up an outfit. I wear my black ones a lot so tan would make a nice change!

Above knuckle rings are everywhere at the moment but I love the simplicity of these plain silver bands. They also come in gold too! I might have to get both colours, at that price you can't say no!

I don't have my own car but I love the Yankee Candle car jars. I always tend to buy them for other people if I know I'm going to be in their car a lot and they're also great for scenting a room too. They're not too overpowering and last a lot longer than a tart or candle would.

Finally, I found these gorgeous blingy Nefertiti earrings.. Okay, I think I'm probably the only person that will actually appreciate these (although maybe Lauren will too?) but I think they're so tacky that they're brilliant and I would definitely wear them. Somebody just give me a job in the British Museum already!

I've got a few high end items on eBay that are ending in a couple of hours including Clarins and YSL and they all started off at 99p! Please take a look.


  1. I want a nice phone case too!! I love the rings - sounds like you are a big fan of that style haha! And as for the yankee candles - who doesn't love them! xx

  2. Ah i need to get one of those yankee candle car jars for my car! x

  3. I did not know Yankee Candles did car scents! i need one now! great post :)

    Kerri xx

  4. Really need one of those Yankee Candless Scents!

  5. I have that exact phone case! I've been using it for almost 4 months now! Hardly any wear shown and it protects pretty well since I've dropped my phone a couple times recently! I get compliments on it all the time, but I got mine off Amazon for about 2 bucks! :)



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