Sunday, 14 July 2013

Ebay Wishlist #22

This eBay wishlist has obviously been heavily influenced by this week's ridiculous weather. All I've worn this week is dresses and shorts with bare legs, it's just been unbearably hot! I'm really loving these dupes for the infamous Zara skorts - they come in four different colours and they're under a fiver too! I think the neon jumper would be great for chilly summer evenings and would be great with a pair of denim shorts or a skater skirt. These high waisted pastel denim shorts are the perfect to pair with simple vest tops for an easy summer outfit, as are the lace shorts which can easily be dressed up or down - another bargain for under a fiver! Finally, I've been eyeing up these glitter jelly shoes - mainly because I was never allowed a pair when I was younger. I did finally get a bright blue pair but I fell over twice within five minutes in the middle of Tesco whilst wearing them and never wore them again. I'd like to think that wouldn't happen now I'm older (perhaps too old for jelly shoes?) but I do really like the look of them.

PS. My Benefit giveaway ends in a few hours so it's your last chance to enter!


  1. Oooh I love the neon yellow jumper!and actually all of the other items!:)

  2. Love the neon sweater! Perfect for cool summer nights.
    xo, Scarlett
    The Trendy Chick

  3. ooh I love the salmon coloured skort! not seen that one before x

  4. Oh your never too old for jelly shoes, I only yesterday ordered some by New Look on Asos for a mere £9.99 and I'm 24 :) Stupidly excited to relive my youth in them! xx

  5. I dont know what I think about skorts.. I just dont know. They look so good on some people, but Ive seem them looking quite horrid too. BUT ITS JUST A FIVER INNIT. Decisions, decisions. x

  6. I love that jumper!

  7. I love the jumper, I've been loving neon recently :)

    Water Painted Dreams


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