Thursday, 18 July 2013

Marc B Tori Soft Tan

Tori Soft Tan - £65*, available here

I was recently contacted by the people at Marc B who had seen my review of the Liberty Cloud Blue that I won a few weeks ago and I was asked if I would like to choose a bag off their website to review. I had a hard time choosing just one as I love them all! Eventually, I settled for this one, the  Tori Soft Tan.

The Tori is pretty big, even for me and I always carry big bags! It has two compartments with pockets for your mobile phone and keys and a zipped pocket on the inside and on the outside there's another zipped pocket on the back. I couldn't decide between the black or the tan but eventually picked the tan as I have a lot of black bags already and I think tan is better for the summer. Of course it comes with the signature Marc B leopard print lining and has a gorgeous twist lock closure. I love that this bag is big enough to carry A4 folders in so it means I can fit all my usual stuff in there and still have room for more. The quality of the bag is amazing and I can see this lasting me a very long time. I'm planning on taking it to Paris with me in October.


  1. Im quite fussy with finding bags i like but this is lovely!
    Natalie xx

  2. This bag is gorgeous!


  3. Ooh this is pretty! Love gold and tan brown combo :)

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  4. love the bag, it´s wonderful :D

  5. very stylish and I love the fun lining.

  6. Oh now this is really nice! I'm currently on the browse for a new bag as I need a more smarter one but for every day if that makes sense :)
    Amy xx
    -A Little Boat Sailing=-


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