Monday, 21 January 2013

There's no business like snow business

It's been snowing here in the Midlands pretty much non-stop since Thursday afternoon. It's finally stopped now though and I'm hoping it soon starts to melt so everything can get back to normal. It's so pretty to look at though, don't you agree? All of these photos were taken outside my house/in my back garden. I was very impressed with the snowman that was made by my neighbours; they used shells for teeth, very creative!


  1. All the snow iced over... and then snowed over the top of it. Very deceptive; I didn't realise until I face planted into a snow drift on my way to the bus stop :( I got laughed at by a bunch of ten year olds.

  2. We have no snow here, just rain and sleet and hail :( it's so depressing! Your photos make it look wonderful and I'm SO jealous!

    Amy x

  3. Cute

  4. Beautiful pictures. But yes I definitely agree that it is time it melted! Would like to be able to walk to my bus without feeling like I'm going to slip at any minute. xo

  5. Your neightbours snow man is so cute!! Haha, great photos



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