Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Boots 200 Clear False Nails

Boots 200 Clear False Nails available here
17 nail polish in Midnight
Models Own x Hedkandi in Ibiza Mix

I picked these nails up last week, as my usual Nailene ones were running low. I did want to purchase the Nailene ones again however I couldn't find them in Superdrug or Boots in the Bullring in Birmingham and there wasn't a space for them on the shelf. They're not on the Boots website either so I really hope they've not been discontinued!

The Boots nails looked the same, so I thought I'd give them a go anyway. They're slightly more expensive at £8.50 (Nailene were under £8!) but there's the same amount and they come with the glue. They come in 10 different sizes and each one is labelled with a number which is quite helpful. I applied these using the glue provided just before I went to bed. The glue set quickly and I was pleased with how they looked. The next day however, one of the nails popped off within five minutes of me getting out of bed! Within the next couple of hours, four more came off. I've since stuck them back on with my usual Nailene glue and they've stayed put since.

I would recommend these nails, I can't see any difference between them and the Nailene ones but I would advise you to use a different glue.


  1. think i might buy the nailene ones since they're cheaper - rubbish about the glue! I really wanted to buy these a few days ago but glad i didnt now x

  2. that really sucks about the glue tbh though im rubbish with sticking nails on!


    Natali xox

  3. You've just reminded me to pop in to boots tomorrow to purchase Ibizia Mix! It looks lovely over the blue x

  4. Ooh I've been meaning to try these out for ages :) I'll definitely be getting a seperate glue with them though.

    Lucy x


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