Sunday, 8 July 2012

Instagram #12

On the ferry - My favourite place in the world - Peach ice cream - The beach - Having lunch on the seafront - Bottle feeding Hercules - Mark was proud of his chocolate mug cake - Where I used to work (photo taken at 6am before a delivery shift) - Where I used to live - Our last meal in Winchester - Packing Mark because I wanted to bring him home with me - The view from my old bedroom window - Present off my parents for passing my degree - Patch doing a balancing act - One of my favourite Disney films - On my way to London - Brixton Academy - Garbage! - Macarons from Laduree in Harrods - Ed's Diner - My lunch - Bubble tea from the Bullring - Waiting in Costa for my dad - Four black labradors - Kisses from Geronimo

Just a selection of instagram photos from the last few weeks of June and the beginning of July. We went away to the Isle of Wight for 5 days towards the middle of June and we had such a good time, despite the weather. Then there's snaps from my last week in Winchester. I was so sad when I had my last shift in Blacks.. I soon cheered myself up by picking up some takeaway pizzas on the way home though. I also went to London last week to see Garbage and I had a fantastic time!

I seem to mostly take photos of food and animals but if you want to follow me, my username is xhjw


  1. lovely pictures; that peach ice cream looks to die for! the present you got for passing your degree is lovely too, aaand all the food pictures have made me verrry hungry! hah :)xo

  2. Cute photos :) I instantly noticed how yummy that pizza looks haha x

  3. Love Ed's Diner, that cheese sauce is to die for xx

  4. i love instagram!


  5. Pizza, ice cream, macaroons & a Pandora charm = the perfect week! xx

  6. Love your pics! I tried Macaroons for the first time yesterday - to die for.....Loving the pic of Blacks! (Who have stolen our buying and merchandising manager of 11 years! "google ken reeve cotswolds"...)
    But.....I've just got instgram on my brand new phone and I dont get how you upload your photos to blogger in a nice, neat grid?? I've searched for tutorials but cant find any :(
    Please tell me how it's done? Please!

    Ps If you need anything outdoorsy and you're missing Blacks then you can borrow my discount! But don't tell anyone ;) I'll deny it....

  7. oh wow that peach ice cream looks amazing! looks like you've been having a fun summer:) lovely blog!


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