Saturday, 19 May 2012

Some things I want.

I really need to stop doing wishlists, the last few times I've actually gone out and bought most of the items! I seem to have a thing for ankhs recently, I'm a big Ancient Egypt nerd so it's not surprising really. Luckily they seem to be everywhere at the moment and I've already managed to get myself a couple of rings and a necklace.

This post was meant to be scheduled but I forgot to do it before I went out.. oops! I ended up buying the cat bracelet while I was in town. Luckily I avoided all of the other shops, so that's all I got!


  1. I really want those brushes!!
    Please come and visit my blog

    xxx Peaches xxx

  2. That wooden cat bracelet is sooo cute, love it! I've also wanted that brush set for ages, its such a good price too! xx

  3. I am swooning for that dress!


  4. The cat bracelet is so cute. My mum got me one just like that yesterday. Love it! :)

  5. That teal colour, oh my, I need that in my collection! It's so pretty! xx

  6. Love this dress! and the other items :) xx

  7. I love that nail polish I really want to take a look at the new Barry M colours :-)

  8. Aww I love your new layout xx


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