Sunday, 19 February 2012

A Week in Instagram #4

Short-lived tongue piercing - Valentine's Nails - Valentine's Tulips
Chinese takeaway - dissertation notebook - Starbucks for breakfast 
My diet lately - in desperate need of a haircut - work uniform

The past week has been pretty uneventful to be honest. I had my tongue pierced over the weekend but I ended up taking it out because it was pierced too far back and I kept gagging on it. It was BOGOF though, so I have a voucher for another piercing, I just need to decide which one to go for. I've spent most of my time this week either at work or at uni, doing dissertation work. 22 days until the dreaded thing has to be handed in so I'm getting quite stressed out now. I'm basically living off mini eggs, relentless and coffee. I've been working on a little side project which I should be able to reveal soon, it's something I'm quite excited about!

I hope you've all had a good week!


  1. Good luck with getting the dissertation done! I certainly don't miss that bitch. x

  2. Lovely photos! Your nails look great, and yum Chineese Takeaway - you can't go wrong there! + Starbucks for Breakfast always makes for the BEST breakfast!
    Good lujck with getting your dissertation finished xx

  3. Good luck with the dissertation, how I remember that hell!

  4. Why do they make mini eggs resealable? obviously going to eat them all!
    Good luck with the dissertaiton. My top tip is to check out when the graphics department is open and when they can bind your work. Saves a lot of stress the day before xx

  5. Aww good luck sweetie, and how bloody amazing are your nails love the heart :) oh mini eggs !!!!! drool x

  6. Fabulous nails and the takeaway food looks delicious.


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