Friday, 17 February 2012

Money is the reason we exist

Coral blouse: New Look
Black vest: New Look
Pencil skirt: American Apparel
Denim jacket: Primark
Loafers: Next

This is what I wore for another mind-numbingly boring day at uni doing dissertation work. I finally decided it was time to come home when I realised I was the only one left in the IT centre on a Friday night. Loser alert!
I found this sleeveless blouse in New Look earlier on in the week, it said £12.99 on the tag but scanned at £14.99 which is also the price on the website? The sales assistant let me have it for £12.99 and then there was the 20% student discount on top as well so it turned out to be a right bargain! Mark doesn't like it but I love it. I think it's the perfect colour for spring and it will go with skirts, shorts and jeans, it's so versatile! After wanting a denim jacket since last year I picked this one up from Primark for £16.  I'm pretty sure I bought the same one last year too but returned it for some reason. They had no size 8s and the 6s were tiny so I went for a 10 which is perfect for layering. I've been wearing it with a jumper underneath for warmth. It's going to look great over summer dresses when the weather starts to warm up a bit. I've ordered some studs from eBay to jazz it up a little too. 

Have you got any plans for the weekend? I'm working all day Saturday and Sunday but it will be good to have a break from uni work!


  1. Love your jacket, I've been looking for a leather jacket for ages. Hoping to find the perfect one when I hit the shops this weekend.
    I'm in work this weekend :( x

  2. Lovely outfit! :) that blouse is super pretty :)


  3. Lovely outfit I love blouse's :D x

  4. Your outfit looks really lovely. Love the colour of your blouse! xx

  5. The blouse is a gorgeous colour, perfect for Spring and Summer! xxx

  6. That's a really pretty blouse!

  7. stunning blouse, love the color of it


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