Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A Week in Instagram #3

Made friends with a lovely cat called Charlie - I've mostly been scoffing mini eggs - I loved January's Glossybox - Drinking a Starbucks on the way to #ZOMGbloggersbash - My outfit for #ZOMG - Getting a free tour of the cathedral - I lit a candle for my great grandparents who have all passed away recently - It's been cold enough for my Uggs - But also really sunny? - Worst outfit photo ever but I loved what I was wearing - Treated myself to Elle because I wanted a new mascara - Also treated myself to some Nailene nails after wanting them for AGES - I bought the best birthday card ever for my friend Louise - Starbucks breakfast because I was way too early for work - Microwavable owl, 2 fleeces, a jumper, a long sleeved tshirt, a normal tshirt, a scarf and gloves at work because it is FREEZING in that shop - my Cath Kidston inspired nails - Dim sum at Dim T for Louise's birthday - I'm not too sure if I like my hair this dark.

It's taken me forever to actually get round to posting this.. I meant to do it on Sunday night and then Monday night.. I've been put on some medication that makes me so sleepy, all I've been doing is working and napping. I'm like a cat at the moment! I'm working a lot this week,  I'm also going out for a friend's 21st tonight and I have a lot of dissertation work that I need to be getting on with. I'm still going to TOWIB on Saturday though so let me know if you're going. I'm looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and also meeting some new ones. I've also got a couple of posts lined up for this week which I'll probably schedule or else I'll forget to post them!

I've been tidying up my sidebar too, if anyone wants to do a button exchange let me know via email or twitter and we can sort it out.


  1. Oh, your hair looks fab this dark!

    It's sunny over here too but at -14°C, I can't even go outside and enjoy the sunshine because it's just. So. Cold.

  2. I love the nails! Want to do them so bad!!

    follow me on instagram!! lucyjarviss


  3. gotta love a good starbucks! lovely pics xox


  4. hmm i've never had dim sum but it always looks so delicious, i wanna try it!

  5. Aaaand now I want mini eggs! xx

  6. great pieces, esp the nail-art

  7. Great photos, love the nails!
    I'll be at TOWIB, quite excited now! x

  8. Those nails are amazing!! Love these photographs x

  9. Your new fringe looks sexual! Such sweet pictures, you should do a tutorial of how to get them side by side x x


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