Friday, 2 September 2011

If I had £100 to spend in.. H&M

H&M is one of my favourite shops which is lucky because there's four of them in Birmingham! I've never bought anything from their website but I've found so many things I'd love. The outfit I picked today would be great for the transition into autumn and reminds me of something that Rose would wear.

H&M's basics are brilliant and are well worth the money. Nobody's wardrobe should be without a basic stripy long sleeved tshirt and this one is perfect. It would look great with jeans, shorts or a skirt and as it's from H&M, you know it's going to last a long time.
These jeans are a bargain at £7.99 and again, everybody needs a pair of blue denim skinny jeans in their wardrobe this autumn. They'll look great tucked into boots and can be dressed both up or down.
Chunky knits are essential for when the weather starts to get chilly. I love this beige cardigan.. it's both warm and it looks good! What more could you ask for from a piece of clothing? At £29.99, it's great value for money as you know you'll wear it all through autumn, winter and even spring.
No autumn outfit is complete without a nice pair of lace up boots, these brown ones are perfect for tying the outfit together and giving it a more casual look. Worn with some nice thick socks, they'll see you through to the winter too. I think I've got a thing for lace up boots at the moment but can you really blame me?
To finish off the outfit, I've chosen this white tooth necklace and these two pink rings to add a bit of colour to the whole ensemble. I've always found H&M jewellery to be of good quality and I expect these two pieces to be no exception. Not only are they good quality but they're pretty cheap too!
This whole outfit came to only £85.94 which is amazing! I wouldn't mind paying for delivery when I'm getting so many items for so little.

Another good thing about the H&M website is the feature which allows you to 'try on' items. Here's what my picks all look like when they're put together:

What do you think of my picks? What would you choose from H&M?


  1. I love H&M knitwear at the moment, I've seen a gorgeous grey marl knit one with faux leather elbow pads that I'm defs buying when I'm back at Uni and have a H&M store at my disposal. Didn't realise H&M had that snazzy try-on feature (:

  2. I've got my eye on a lovely tweed look coat in h&m at the moment.
    I love it as a store, but think the website's awful. I've been put off from ordering from it, having heard so many ppl complaining on twitter about the insanely slow speed in which they send things, so I think i'll stick to shopping in-store!

  3. I love H&M! I am going through a phase of buying their basic dresses in all colour combinations, just as they are so good and go with so much!

    The only thing that annoys me is that their sizing can be quite weird.. so I'm quite nervous of ordering stuff online without trying it on. I guess I should just man up (as I can always return it!).

    Good post x

  4. I love the cardigan, it's gorgeous. I love the jeans too, but I always find them to be strange sizes in H&M :( xxx

  5. i love love love those boots! all your picks are lovely and i'm definitely gonna use that try on feature next time i use their website; i didn't realise they had it and its so cool!
    xo Elly @

  6. I love H&M, they have lovely stuff, and at a good price!
    I definitely agree that every girl should have a striped tee in their wardrobe! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  7. H&M have some lovely pieces in at the moment, and at such a good price too! You've picked some gorgeous items, love that striped top. Oooh think i may have to buy that Tooth Necklace!! xx

  8. I seriously adore H&M right now! That cardi is so so lovely, along with the rings!

  9. I love how much you can get for £100! The rings are lovely, I nearly bought them when I was last in H&M :)

  10. I like that they put the outfit together. It looks really good altogether. x

  11. I love the little wardrobe feature on the H&M site although I don't use it as much as I should. A great outfit I think, I'm looking for some autumn boots and those are just perfect.

  12. I SO WOULD WEAR THIS OUTFIT! hahah, before i saw you mention me (thank you for doing so btw!) i said ooo this is a me outfit haha
    H&M is perfect for basics and well..Everything else as well! I need a new stripey top cause i wear mine so much it's faded. I love the cardigan something i probably need for the AW months!

  13. I've just found your blog, and I love it so hi from a new follower! These posts are such a good idea! I love h+m too, I have the little stone rings :) x

  14. Love all the items in the picture! Especially the rings, I would love some like that! Great post x


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