Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Video of my new room!

I thought I'd do a little video of my new room instead of the usual photos. This is my first (and probably last) video. I hate my voice! I also tend to ramble on a bit, sorry about that. The video took FOREVER to upload.. it was about 2.5 hours. I thought it would never reach 100%. Anyway, it did and here it is..

I've decided that I'm not going to the Harry Potter premier tomorrow. There's no point as I couldn't get a wristband today. So that's £13.50 I've wasted on coach tickets. I suppose it could be worse but I could have put that money in my Paris fund. At least I get a lie in tomorrow and have all day to do nothing. I might start running depending on how my back feels.

 I'm just waiting for my tea to cook, I'm having homemade  garlic and chilli potato wedges with bbq chicken goujons (Sainsburys made them) and I might have a cheeky drink to cheer myself up a bit. I have some amaretto that is calling my name! Then it's time for the last Waterloo Road of this series (or is it forever?) Does anyone else watch it?


  1. I love Waterloo road!!!

    And i've just wasted a fiver again on yet another set of pass photos as, like the first set, got crumpled whilst walking home!!!! Waste of money!!! Damn you broken chair at photobooth!!!!

    Julia @ retro jules

  2. I think you have a nice voice.

    I like the room (and Muse poster). Your view looks nice, too.

  3. It's so weird to put a voice to the name and picture! You have a cute room!

  4. lovely room

  5. I love this so much you have inspired me to do my own! : xxx


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