Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Hair, Houses and Harry Potter

Girls, I need a bit of hair advice! I used to have a full fringe but after 4 years I fancied a change so decided to grow it out in January. I then had a side fringe but it's really been getting on my nerves because it's always in my face, so today I decided to go for a centre parting. Do I look like a complete douchebag though? I haven't had a centre parting since I was about 13 and I always worry about my fivehead. Please ignore the lack of makeup and the fact that I cba to straighten my hair. All I've been doing all day is nursing my ill boyfriend (I don't feel too great myself) and cleaning my bedroom in my old house.

Speaking of houses, I've finally moved! I love my new house so much. It feels so weird to actually feel comfortable and get on with all my housemates and I know we're going to be fine all year as we've been good friends since first year. My new room is great! I will post photos soon as I haven't quite finished unpacking and sorting it out as my boyfriend's parents stayed in it the first two nights. I've also got a really lovely view of St. Catherine's Hill from my window.

Is anyone planning on going to the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 premier in London on Thursday? There's something going on in Trafalgar Square as well as Leicester Square. I'm going and I've heard that it's best to go to Trafalgar Square. I'm so excited! I've said for years that I would go to a premier and this is my last chance. I also have X Factor tickets for this day but HP > X Factor. I was in London during the Tropic Thunder premier and just so happened to be walking through Leicester Square as all the celebrities were appearing. I managed to see Jack Black, Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. without even waiting all day but I know Harry Potter will be different, so I'm getting there for 9am. If anyone wants to go and fancies meeting up, just leave me a comment or tweet and we can sort something out!


  1. It looks absolutely adorable and not in a million years do you have a "fivehead" missus!

  2. About the leopard maxi- it's too long for me too, just use a waist belt to gather some up! I don't know if you can see it in my pictures properly but that's what I did!

  3. if you have a 'fivehead' i have a 'fiftyhead'!

    i think your hair looks lovely, i'd kill for mine to look so natural and effortlessly gorgeous! i say stick with the center parting! Also you said that it hadnt been straightened, i dont think you should straighten it! it looks amazing as it is!

    and for the summer months i live up north in the countryside and in the winter i live in Chelsea, i was sooo! upset to hear the premier was in summer when im not around in London, say hi to harry for me :'(

    lots of love ayla xox

  4. Oh I'm so jealous that you're going to the premiere/event, I'm so jealous!

  5. Your hair looks lovely Hayley! Glad you're much happier now with the new place (:

    I was planning on going to the premiere but you have to get a wristband tomorrow morning to be able to go to the premiere/stand outside on Thursday! Hoping to get lucky though (kind of) as I'm probs going to be in London on Thurs for an event anyway. xx

  6. Love your hair! Cute blog hun :)

  7. I like the middle parting!



  8. gosh i love harry potter


  9. love the middle parting! i changed mine a couple of months ago and feel heaps happier with it like that. it looks lovely on you. xo.

  10. cute blog! Love harry potter..can't wait to see the last one! Could you follow my blog? xx http://thekeytoconstantia.blogspot.com/


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