Sunday, 6 March 2011


- Sorry I've been so crap with updating recently. I've had a pretty crappy week and then I've been feeling really ill since Friday. I've been at work all weekend (and I'm still wearing my name badge in the photo up there) so I'm exhausted and that hasn't really made me feel any better! I've volunteered myself to go in for 3 hours tomorrow because I'll do anything for money.. I've just realised I'll have to wear my uniform to my lecture, great.

- I managed to find another Barry M crackle polish in Boots yesterday so I stuck it on my credit card because I really missed mine! So much stuff has been going missing from this house (only my stuff though). The other day my Graze box went missing off the sofa - nobody uses it so it wasn't in the way. I'm so confused. Student living really isn't fun. Only 116 days left in this house!

- I want to get my boyfriend to help me put my feather hair extensions in but I tried it a few days ago and he laughed and told me I looked ridiculous.. I'm sure I didn't. It's taken weeks for my friend to lend me his pliers so I'm dying to get them in!

- I'm really looking forward to finishing work tomorrow night. Monday is like Friday for me as I have Tuesdays and Wednesdays off (no uni and no work!) I can't wait to have a lie in and just relax. I should start some uni work too really.

- Even though I haven't been updating this much, I have been around on Twitter quite a bit! Feel free to follow me, I'm @xhjw


  1. AWWWW we are so on the same boat i been felling so crap lately :-( hope you feel better X

  2. Aw babes, I've been feeling like shit as well this week, I totally empathize with you. I know what you mean about having a different weekend to most people, mine is sunday to tuesday. working in retail means saturdays don't mean anything anymore, just another weekday :( xx

  3. My stuff randomly goes missing too :(

  4. I think the hair extensions would look great!

  5. ooh take a picture if you put your extensions in!


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