Friday, 23 January 2015

Lifestyle: How are you doing with your New Year Resolutions?

2015 is well under way, and people are already planning their next holiday and thinking about what sale items to buy to save for next Christmas! But amidst the bargain hunting and brochure browsing, take time to reflect and consider whether you are keeping to those New Year's resolutions that you made. Here are some tips to keep you on the right tracks.

Are you sticking to your no-smoking resolution?
You may have started back at work and with that disappears that nice, relaxing break you were having. The New Year rush may come with associated stress and you may want to nip out on a break and satisfy those cravings you have to smoke.

To help you along, electronic cigarettes are a great alternative that will keep you smoke-free. Other available alternatives include nicotine inhalers, patches and specially formulated chewing gum. As your cravings become less frequent, you can substitute the above nicotine products for similar objects, such as simulating inhalation using a straw, or chewing standard gum. Remember, quitting smoking is not a quick and easy process, but by using these options and maintaining your willpower, you can stick to that resolution.

Did you buy some new trainers? How long until that marathon you decided to run? 
It’s that time of year where gym memberships increase, as people vow to get healthier and run further than they have ever ran before. Are you determined to get fit, but the cold January weather is putting you off? Don’t let it beat you!
If the outdoors aren’t your thing, a gym can offer all kinds of weight and cardio exercises, as well as fitness classes. You can also stream many fitness videos online, and even undertake exercise while sitting down, by lifting your legs or crunching your stomach. The possibilities are endless to keep to your resolution – just think next time you have to go to the shop, could you walk instead of driving? 

Have you vowed to change your diet?
With all the rich and calorific foods available over the festive period, have you vowed to change your diet, and try healthier alternatives? Don’t succumb to temptation; instead, try some of these handy hints to keep the diet on schedule.
Spice up your knife: if you think that lower calorie foods are dull and unappealing, then think again! A teaspoon of ginger, garlic, paprika, pepper, and almost any other spice contains less than 10 calories, so you can add a tasty twist on your healthier options, without drowning them in grease or fat.

Is 2015 the year you get out of debt?
After splurging on presents and other gifts in December, many people may be realising they were spending more than their budget permitted. It’s an easy mistake to make but fortunately, one that’s also easy to resolve. Itemise all of your income and outgoings side by side.  Then consider your outgoings; do you really need to spend on all of them? Be harsh but realistic.
Can you swap where you shop? If you think cheaper food is not as good, check the ingredients, as you may realise they are almost identical. Set yourself a budget and stick to it. You could even find that you save more than expected!

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