Sunday, 15 June 2014

Travel: Guess who's going to Paris again?

I'm not sure if I've actually mentioned it on here, but on Friday morning me and Chloe are off to Paris! I only went in October and we were actually planning a trip to Amsterdam in October so I'm not sure how we ended up booking Paris but I'm not complaining! I've been four times now and there's still loads of things that I want to do and loads of places that I want to see. Here's the list of things I'm hoping to do while we're there this weekend:

  • Disneyland! I've been before when I was ten but Chloe's never been. I'm sure it will be just as magical at twenty four as it was when I was ten. I'm hoping that we see more characters than I saw the first time, it was raining and there weren't many about. I've already bought my Minnie Mouse ears and I'm planning on wearing my Bambi tshirt while I'm there.
  • Eiffel Tower – I went up the Eiffel Tower with Amy in October but again, Chloe's never been and the view of the city that you get from the top of it is just breathtaking so of course I want to go up again!
  • Arc de Triomphe – This time I'm hoping to go up the top of the Arc de Triomphe and see the spectacular views of the city and then we can go shopping on Champs Elysee afterwards.
  • Catacombs – I didn't manage to find these last time but I've been told how to find them now so hopefully Chloe won't mind seeing a load of bones and skulls underneath the city.
  • Notre Dame - I've been outside the famous cathedral but I've never been inside, so it would be good to do it this time around.

That's all the things I can think of at the moment, although obviously I'll have to see what Chloe wants to do too!
Aside from being a holiday, this trip has a second motive; I’m hoping it will give me the potential to help me brush up on my French, as there are a number of international blogger conferences I’ve looked to attend.
Should my French not progress as fast as I’d like, then the most helpful website I’ve found belongs to the language solution agency thebigword  , who offer professional translations and interpretations at such events.

Is there anywhere you think I should go while I'm in Paris? You can check out my posts from last year here.  


  1. This is so exciting - I hope you have a lovely time! I have only been to Disneyland before so I hope to visit Paris properly in the future. :)

  2. Hi, I've just come back from Paris, it was amazing. You might already know this but EU citizens between the ages of 18-25 get into a lot of the places of interest for free if you show your passport. I went up the arc de triomphe, in the Louve and Musee d'Orsay and out of the city to Palace Of Versailles all for free. You can also go up the tower of Notre Dame for free too. Have a good time.
    Fi x

  3. Ahhhh sounds amazing very jealous especially of disneyland I am a disney fanatic.
    Have a great time
    Jen x

  4. So jealous you're going to Paris, it's one of my favourite cities! I've been twice & would love to go again & go up the Eiffel Tower this time :)

    L x


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