Thursday, 29 May 2014

Infographic: Are you guilty of re-gifting?

It would seem to be a bigger problem than I would have thought, seeing as people have made this infographic on the rules of re-gifting. It is sometimes a necessary evil, re-gifting. There are times where there are just so many things going on that we forget someone off the Christmas present list or forget that it is someone’s birthday tomorrow. What’s worse than the guilt of re-gifting is the shame and embarrassment when you’re discovered. That is why I suppose this graphic was created: to stop the shame. If you follow this handy guide you should avoid any embarrassment – or you could just remember your sister’s birthday … Some of this is common sense, to be honest, but obviously a lot of people seem to forget the basics. To ensure that you always avoid the awkward situations laid out in this infographic, you could just buy everything online. You could always get a calendar online that you can input everyone’s birthdays into and then ask it to remind you leading up to the date. With online shopping you can simply click and it will be delivered – in some instances – the next day. With a little planning you can always be the king of the birthday party, and not that schmuck who turned up with the same gift that they were given last year by the person whose birthday it is. But, like I’ve said, if you are the kind of person who is really forgetful of dates etc. Then follow this humorous infographic and never again be caught out when re-gifting.

  Top 5 rules of Regifting

Top 5 rules of Regifting is an infographic that was produced by Gumtree

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  1. I'll admit to this! Didn't realise there would be an infographic so true about it haha xx


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