Monday, 21 April 2014

The Gadget Show Live 2014

A couple of weekends ago, I went along to the Gadget Show Live courtesy of Currys/PC World and the lovely Mungle letting me be her +1. I'd never been before and my dad and brother were pretty jealous that I was going. To be honest, I've never even watched the Gadget Show on tv so I didn't know what to expect.

When we arrived, we had a wander around the stalls but it was so busy I could barely see what was going on - a bit like the Clothes Show but more blokes, so more people that were taller than me. There looked like there were a lot of interesting things going on from what I could see though. After about half an hour, we made our way over to the theatre to see the 1:30 show. We somehow ended up front row which was great, so we had a brilliant view!

The show was fantastic, I enjoyed every minute of it and I managed to get a few good shots, especially of Jason Bradbury. He was the most photogenic of them all! I really enjoyed the dancers at the beginning with the fire, being on the front row meant that we could really feel the heat. I also liked the performance by Peredur from Pendulum and there was a lot of interaction with the audience. The best bit though, was Ortis' performance of Europe's The Final Countdown which you can see in the video I shot below.

I definitely want to go back next year, even if it's just for the show!

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  1. Ahh I love the Gadget Show! Jason's my fave lol. I'd love to go to one of these shows, possibly E3 in LA xx

  2. I've never been to anything like this before but it looks truly awesome :D

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper | An Undomestic Goddess

  3. My comments are the exact same as Louise's! This looks amazing, albeit something I've never even thought of going to never mind actually been to! x xx


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