Saturday, 29 March 2014

Unboxing: Hi-Tec Haraka running trainers

Hi-Tec Haraka running trainers* - £34.99, available here

I've recently decided that it's about time I started doing some sort of exercise and getting myself a bit fitter. Mainly because I get horrible sciatica caused by scoliosis and I know from experience that exercise helps to keep the pain at bay. When I was asked if I wanted to review a air of Hi-Tec Haraka running trainers, I immediately said yes. I already have a pair of Nike running trainers but I've found that they pinch my feet a bit so I was looking for an alternative.

Based on first impressions, I'm really liking these. They're very lightweight which is perfect for running and they feel ike they have a good sole on them. I chose the purple and black as I prefer darker trainers and that was the darkest of the three women's pairs that are available. Before I was offered these, I had no idea that Hi-Tec did running trainers, I usually know them for their walking boots after working in an outdoors shop for so long. I'm going to be testing these out over the next few weeks and then I'll be back with a proper review of them!


  1. These look lovely, really pretty colours! I love the feeling of new running shoes!
    I didn't realise Hi-Tec did running shoes, either - looking forward to hearing how you get on as I love my Hi-Tec walking boots :)

    Jess xo

  2. Super cute. Love the baby pink colour in them now need to get fit :-) xx

  3. work off them greggs or you'll look like kim k. or me, and have all the men in birmingham after you xoxoxxo


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