Friday, 13 September 2013

Models Own Colour Lip-Stix in Purple Pleasure

Models Own Colour Lip-Stix in Purple Pleasure - £5, available here

Everyone knows I love a purple lip product. I seem to have acquired quite a collection over the last few months. When I saw this lip crayon in Boots at only £5, I just had to swatch it and I was really impressed to see that it was such a gorgeous  colour and really pigmented. A lot of the time when a product is described as purple, it comes out a much more pink colour which is really annoying!

Obviously, I had to buy it and I managed to get it for only £2.50 as I also bought another lipstick from Revlon and there's currently a Buy One Get One Half Price offer on all makeup in Boots. I definitely can't turn down a purple lip product for only £2.50!

This is the first Models Own lip product that I've tried, I'm a big fan of the nail polishes so I was expecting this to also be of a high quality and I wasn't disappointed! It's so creamy and applies like a dream. Like all crayon products, it's really easy to apply and as I mentioned earlier, the pigmentation is great. I only need to swipe it once across my lips to get a brilliant colour. It's a pale purple, almost lilac but not quite pale enough. It reminds me a bit of MAC's Up The Amp but more blue toned. I think it would be a great alternative to Up The Amp for anyone who's on a budget. Once applied, I found that this lasted a good couple of hours before I had to top up the colour.

I'm definitely going to be popping back into Boots to try out the rest of the colours in the range, I'm really impressed with this one and while the offer is on, it's such a bargain!


  1. I love the look of this, this shade looks perfect for Autumn/Winter! x

  2. Oooh, I've not heard of these before. I'm so glad it's well pigmented, nothing worse than having to putting on lots of layers! I just might have to purchase one, lovely post :)

  3. everyone seems to be bringing out these types of lip crayons now which are pretty cool its a total your lips but better tone haah


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