Monday, 13 May 2013

Music Monday

I'm off to see Lana Del Rey tonight so I thought I'd do a bit of a different blog post today and share with you a few of the songs that I'm loving at the moment. They're not exactly new but I've found myself listening to them a lot recently.

Lana Del Rey - Summer Wine

This is a cover of a Nancy Sinatra song and while I do like the original, I LOVE Lana's version. Her voice is perfect for this sort of music and I love it when she covers older songs like this and Blue Velvet. It's a lot different to the stuff on her album but it's definitely worth a listen!

Ash - There's A Star

Ash are a band that I've loved ever since I can remember. This particular song is from 2001 and it's always been a favourite of mine but recently I've been on a bit of an Ash listening spree and I've found myself listening to this one on repeat. I much prefer their older albums to their newer ones, especially Free All Angels, the album that this song is from. Ash are one of the last on my 'list of bands to see before I die' and they have been for years, I've just always missed out when they're touring.

Bastille - Pompeii

I'm a bit late to the party here, I've only recently discovered Bastille! I'd heard a lot of people raving about them (especially my friend Claire) but never thought to actually listen to their stuff until I found out that they're supporting Muse on their stadium tour, so I downloaded the album so that I know a few of their songs when I see them. I'm completely in love and I can't stop listening to the whole album. It's rare that I'll discover a new band and like all of their songs. I think Pompeii is the song that most people will have heard and it was the first one that I listened to.


  1. I haven't listened to Ash in ages! Thank you for reminding me of their brilliance! Going to have them on rotation this week :) I have been lucky to see em live. Awesome!x


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