Sunday, 11 November 2012

Ebay Wishlist: Winter Warmers

This is a big wishlist today! Since the weather has been getting colder and colder, it's inspired me to start searching for the perfect winter knits, jackets and novelty hats. I love everything about Autumn and Winter and I especially love layering. This week I've picked out my favourite Christmas jumpers, jackets for layering and some cosy accessories. I saw a lot of these animal hats last year and regretted not buying myself one - yes, I'd actually wear it!

I missed out on the JW Anderson x Topshop bat jumpers/couldn't afford one so I'm glad I've managed to track down a much cheaper alternative! It's not as thick as the original but it would be great for layering under a jacket such as this studded faux leather one or the glittery armed military style one.

What are your winter essentials?


  1. i am so into skull printed jumpers and cardigans for winter! i recently posted a wishlist on my blog, today actually :)

    love this one!
    also, that christmas jumper is sooooooo cute

  2. I love those slippers! I'm always wanting nice Winter-y pyjamas around this time of the year :) xo

  3. I've been looking for a bat jumper like the JW Anderson for aaaaaaages, definitely getting this one!x

  4. Awww I love this post! There is so much I want. That leather jacket, the christmas jumper, the bat jumper, the hats! aaah i want it all


  5. i'm tempted to pick up that bat jumper as i missed out on the j.w anderson one toooo! ): love the little wolf hat too, how cute! & the snowman jumper is adorable!

    L x

  6. Love the first cardigan, that looks so warm! And it's just from ebay! I might have to get it since it's such a bargain!

    Amy x

  7. So simple, but i need that black beanie in my life!! Those fairisle slippers are adorable too! xx

  8. I love winter and wearing all the lovely patterned jumpers and being able to get away with it (marginally in some cases!) Love the bat jumper! <3

    // xx

  9. I love the skull cardi! Ive had it on my watch list for weeks! xx

  10. Love that snowman jumper - it is soo cute! :) I already have the skull card, I wear it all the time


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