Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Top tips for selling on eBay

I've been making a lot of money on ebay recently from selling unwanted gifts and old clothes that I don't wear anymore. I've had a lot of people asking me how I do it, so I thought I'd share my top tips with you.

- Always start your auctions off at 99p - it may not seem a lot but people will be more tempted to bid on an item if it has a low starting price, that's how bidding wars begin. Plus, listings are usually free when you start them at 99p!

- Sunday nights are the best time for your auctions to end as it's when a lot of people are online after a busy weekend, so I tend to start mine off on a Thursday, on a ten day listing or on a Sunday, on a seven day listing.

- The price of postage nowadays is ridiculous, but I've found ways to send my items for less than what Royal Mail is charging. Check out Delivery Quote Compare to find the best and cheapest way to send your items.

- Always make sure your title is as descriptive as possible, this makes it easier for people to come across your listing. Instead of 'Green dress' try 'Green  Topshop jersey skater dress, size 8' - you'll find that you have a lot more views and bids.

- Don't overcharge on postage - you'll end up with bad feedback or you'll put potential buyers off bidding on your items.

- Do make sure that you charge enough for postage though. You're the one that will end up losing out if you put it too low.

- Make sure your photos are clear and show the item well. A blurry, out of focus photo won't make anyone want to buy your item. Also try to take them from different angles so potential buyers can see what the item really looks like.

- Be completely honest about the quality and condition of the item you are listing, you're risking bad feedback if you're not!


  1. So glad I've just made around £50 from eBay, using these tips! Glad to see I've done everything right :)
    lovefromsammie.com xx

  2. I've been selling on ebay as a business for the past two years and you offer some great advance so I thought i'd give you some more! I don't do auctions as much as a I use to - i'm more of a buy it now seller which has advantages in itself.

    Although it's good to tempt people with 99p auctions if your item is worth a lot more then that and it just goes for that low, it's kind of gutting. I've also found ending auctions on Friday nights are a lot more successful then a Sunday (this might just be a US tend but it's a very noticeable difference). Oh and definitely invest in some scales - kitchen or special postage scales to get your shipping right.

    Also I know some people find it a hassle but if you ever get a non payer on ebay always, always open a case against them because you loose money if they never pay. I know it's only a 20-50p or something (depending on how much the item sold for) but you'll still loose out!

    Great post though!

  3. I liked all your tips.. thank you so much for sharing...


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