Friday, 3 August 2012

Walk Like An Egyptian

Tunic & Headband c/o: BMAG

This is what I wore on Tuesday to do some shopping in Birmingham. I think the headband looks amazing with my hair and the stunning tunic really shows off my figure. ONLY JOKING! I took my pal Hannah to the BMAG to the Pharaoh Exhibition which was good, however all of the items are from the British Museum and as a massive Ancient Egypt geek, I've seen them millions of times before. If I'd known this before, I wouldn't have paid £8 for our tickets! We had a great time though and spent the rest of the day in Nandos/Starbucks/The Bullring.


  1. LOL you look so cute! You pull it off so well :)) Wish I could have went, did you take any more pics? :) xx

  2. Such a cute outfit!! :) I love everything to do with ancient Egypt!! :)


  3. Haha. Love this!


  4. You suit the Ancient Egyptian look! :-)

  5. I like it ;), its cute. I'm thinking it could be an A/W 2012 trend? x

  6. Hahaaa, I intagrammed pic with the cleopatra headband:D I live literally 2 minutes from the museum:) Look like you had fun:) xx


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