Sunday, 16 December 2012

Ebay Wishlist #9

Glitter Cat Purse - NYX Taupe Blush - Burgundy Disco Pant Leggings - Studded iPhone Case - Owl Doorstop - Mockingjay Pin

These ebay wishlists are getting dangerous for me.. A couple of times this week, I've found that I've ordered things the night before when I've been half asleep.. oops! At least they're all bargains and I've got a few parcels to look forward to! I'm so tempted to buy the burgundy/wine coloured disco pant leggings. I wear my black Glamorous ones all the time so it would be nice to have an alternative in a different colour. I've been eyeing up the NYX blush for a while now, I've heard that it's a great contour colour for those with a pale complexion like me. I hate how we can't get any NYX products in the UK, but this is a great price so I don't mind getting one off eBay. How cute is the owl doorstop? It looks a lot like a cushion I've got, very shabby chic and I think it would look amazing in my bedroom and at £8.95, I think it's a complete bargain too. I'm rereading The Hunger Games at the moment so the mockingjay pin is currently top of my wishlist!

What have you go on your eBay wishlist?


  1. Gaaah, the cat purse is so cute! xo

  2. I like the owl cushion and the mockingjay brooch. I like the purses too. I like it all actually! x

    Jade Loves

  3. Hey hun,

    NYX have a UK website now incase you didn't know. Here's the link - I highly suggest not going on it when you're half asleep though, you'll end up ordering absolutely everything! I spend absolutely hours on it adding things to the basket haha.

    Have fun shopping!


  4. That purse is so cute!(:
    P.S my christmas giveaway ends on the 22nd so be sure to enter!(:

  5. Woop Mockingjay pin! Great picks, the owl doorstop is adorable xoxo

  6. Nice blog huni!
    I love the owl doorstop it looks adorable!

  7. I have a Mockingjay pin :) AND I have an owl like that door stop.

    Your ebay wishlists are getting dangerous for me.. I keep buying things off yours!

    Amy x

  8. You have some lovely picks! :-) I absolutely love the disco pants!! I'm obsessed in that colour at the moment! Xx

  9. I think I need an owl doorstop....

  10. That purse is the cutest!!

    lucy xxx

  11. i think i may have the same owl pillow...all very nice picks, especially love the iphone case! x

  12. Absolutely love ebay wish lists! Would love to try the disco pants, in that colour and I love the iphone case as well as the taupe blusher!


  13. Love the owl doorstop! I have an owl cushion in a similar style - they're just too cute :)

    Sarah @


  14. My eBay wishlist is endless really... I'm addicted to it, so I try to stay away.:D I love those leggings!

  15. nice wishlist,the owl and the cat purse are so cute


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