Monday, 25 June 2012

Payday Wishlist #2

Can payday hurry up please? It seriously feels like I've been waiting two months,  not one! Four days and counting now. 

I've been waiting for someone to start selling some disco pant dupes as I can't justify spending £75 on the American Apparel versions. This pair from Glamorous are only £30. What a bargain!

It looks like I'm loving gold tones at the moment. I really want to try the Topshop nail art pens as I've heard they're really good and I love the look of the gold one. The nail polish is such a lovely bronze colour and I haven't got anything like it at the moment.

Topshop have been coming out with some amazing jewellery recently. I love this charm bracelet with the evil eyes and the ankhs. It's right up my street!

I can't resist the cat watch, look at its cute little face! I don't need another watch, I already have three and I forget to wear them but I feel like I NEED this one. I am definitely a crazy cat lady. 

I fancy treating myself to a high end blusher and NARS Deep Throat is the one that has caught my eye. It's such a pretty colour! I'm going to have to swatch it when I go to London on Sunday.

I really love these leopard print slippers. I've wanted a pair of leopard print shoes for a while and these look so comfy.

I don't really need the cat iphone case but it's half price and I love it! I'm not sure if my phone would fit in there with a hard case on it too though. I drop it too much to leave out the hard case.

What are you lusting after at the moment?


  1. those glamarous AA dupes are amazing I need them in my life! I also need a pair of leopard print shoes in my life too. Ah this wishlist is perfect

  2. that cat watch is the cutest thing ever!

    rebecca x

  3. That cat watch is adorable! I want it!! xx

  4. that watch is the best thing I've ever seen!x

  5. The watch is so cute!

  6. love the inexpensive disco pants and the loafers. and that nail color is fantastic!

  7. Oh those shoes and that watch! I don't blame you for wanting them. I love making lsits like these. I am able to have a creative outlet for my relentless shopping. And getting paid every month must suck so much. My little part time job pays me weekly so I guess I am sort of lucky in that respect!

    Gemma x

  8. Oh my gosh that cat watch is so adorable! I've been lusting over those New Look shoes too, can't wait till payday xoxo

  9. Ahh that watch! Adorable.

  10. I've been after a cheaper disco pants alternative for while now and can't believe I've never seen these before!
    I'm so glad I saw your post!

    Laura x

  11. The watch is soo cute and i really love the new look shoes! xo

  12. Great wishlist, everything on it is so cute! I know what you mean about the disco pants just too painful to spend that much! They are amaze though if you get the dupes please do a post on them!

    Great blog btw i'm now following, also I would love if you checked out my giveaway :) (only if you want of course)


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