Sunday, 10 June 2012

Instagram #11

Replacement kindle from Amazon after mine broke - Fake tan for the mini summer we had - My first try at ombre nails - Packing up orders for my shop - Birthday cupcakes for Mark - The sun came out for his birthday - The birthday boy - Apparently I'm 13 - Walking home from work in the sunshine - Winchester cathedral in the sunshine - I stripped my hair, I'm now ginger - Starbucks breakfast - Cat sitting - Me and Guinness - New 'Hayley top' - Jubilee cupcake - Jubilee nails - Losing my Harvester virginity - Pimms - BBQ in our garden - Models Own Utopia - Bargain cooling mist - Lemon meringue cupcake - Lucky cat moneybox 

Yet again, I've been a bit obsessed with Instagram! I've taken so many photos recently, I can't keep away from the damn app. The past week has been a bit crap.. on Wednesday I lost my full time job, they made out that they were going to keep me on permanently then in the afternoon someone silently handed me a letter saying I finished on Friday. I cried at work, in town and in Starbucks. I really hated the job but I need the money, so bad. I've decided to put my life on eBay.. I've sorted out loads of dresses and things that I really don't want to part with but desperate times and all that. I also have a load of those lucky cat money boxes on there as well, so if you want to have a look then click here. Everything starts at 99p!

Me and Mark are off on holiday tomorrow to the Isle of Wight. We're only going for 5 days but I've scheduled a couple of posts for while we're away. It looks like we picked one of the worst weeks to go with the weather but I'm sure we'll have as much fun as we did last year. Hopefully I won't get bitten by a lemur again though.


  1. Sorry to hear about your bad news, that sucks :(
    Sending hugs xx

  2. oh Hayley i'm so sorry about your job, it really isn't nice :( especially when you least expect it.
    but on the bright side you have sexy legs and beautiful kitties!
    enjoy your time in the isle of wright :) x


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