Friday, 26 August 2011

If I had £100 to spend in.. Topshop

This week's outfit is very autumn inspired and is from Topshop. I hardly ever buy anything from Topshop. In fact, the few items I have from there are pieces of jewellery. Everything's a bit to pricey for me, however that doesn't stop me scouring the website weekly for inspiration. Autumn is my favourite season. I love the colours the leaves turn just before they fall off the trees, I love the excited feeling you get when you're going back to school/college/uni.. oh, and my birthday just so happens to be at the beginning of October!
At the top of my 'Autumn/Winter clothes lust list' is a chunky knit jumper. I love this white aran cable jumper, it will go with absolutely anything and looks so cosy and warm. I could see myself living in this once it starts to get colder. It's also a very classic piece of clothing.. it will never look outdated as it's so simple.
I adore these unusual embroidered shorts, the berry red colour is just right for autumn and look at that embroidery! They remind me of a traditional Bavarian costume. These would look great with a pair of black tights during the colder months and they are very versatile so would also be perfect in the summer with a a white or cream sheer blouse and a pair of sandals. 
What is it with me and tan shoes? Maybe it's because the sole is hanging off my tan ankle boots and I'm looking to replace them.. or maybe I just have a bit of a tan shoe addiction! These suede lace ups are lovely and go with the shorts and jumper perfectly. They smarten the outfit up a bit and again, they will go with anything!
All of these items come to exactly £100. I won't be buying them, but I'll certainly be looking out for cheaper versions in stores such as Primark and New Look!

Are you looking forward to autumn? What will be in your autumn wardrobe?


  1. I love wearing thick-knit jumpers in Autumn, and that jumper is perfect! I'm not for wearing shorts in Autumn, and those shoes aren't me; however that outfit definitely works! :)

    Jules @ A Bit of Jules

  2. i really like your £100 posts- so many lovely things i have my eye on at the moment, but i have to stick to window-shopping only, as i have various birthdays to shop for in september! :(

  3. Great choices, I love the shorts!

  4. I went to TopShop yesterday and was lusting over all the jumpers in there! I can't wait for A/W :) xoxo

  5. That would definately be £100 well spent! I love the jumpers Topshop have in for their A/W range... never disappointed! xx

  6. Great choices - although I couldn't spend £100 on it, I'd be too scared! My boyfriend has a go at me for 'always buying brown shoes', I definitely have a tan addiction as well, whoops!

    My autumn wardrobe is always dresses and woolly tights :)

  7. i would defo get that jumper x

  8. Love the shorts! They'd be perfect for autumn. I agree, Topshop is far too pricey though! xx

  9. Nice picks!

  10. I love most of the things i found in Topshop but the prices are so crazy that i only have some a couple of dresses. I would go crazy if i had the money to buy from there on daily basis.

  11. i really like the jumper you chose..i am looking forward to much of it we get here anyway


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