Friday, 20 May 2011

Remember me?

So sorry.. I disappeared again! I've  been so busy this week with uni work, sorting out stuff for my boyfriend's birthday (can't give away too much in case he reads this) and I went to London for a night for a uni trip. On Wednesday, just as I got to London my mom rang to tell me that one of my rabbits, Rosie had died earlier that afternoon. I'm devastated. Everything seems to be happening at once and I'm struggling to cope with things. I can't wait until this semester is over and until I can move in to my new house. I need a fresh start, living with my boyfriend and my close friends.

You may have noticed my layout looks a bit.. rubbish. I was playing about with it but didn't like what I'd done so I just left it really plain. I really want a nice new header.. if anyone could point me in the direction of someone who does custom headers that would be great!

Tatty Devine, £42
How cute is this Egyptian Pharaoh necklace from Tatty Devine? I spotted it as I walked past their Covent Garden shop yesterday. I'm such an Ancient Egypt geek, so when I saw this through the window I had to go in and have a closer look! This is going to go on my birthday wishlist.. it's only 4 months away now..


  1. Thats amazing! Make sure you get it and show it to us on! :D xx

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your rabbit :( Try and keep your chin up, it's nearly the end of the academic year and you can move away from your horrible housemates and have a lovely summer!

  3. That is beautiful, I am also an Ancient Egypt geek / Tatty Devine fiend.

  4. Ohh no, sorry about your rabbit! I hate it when pets die! :(

  5. Extremely cute necklace! Very different from the usual.


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