Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Only Way Is Essex

I've finally finished lectures for this year! I still have two essays, one exam and one presentation to get through before I can properly relax though.
This weekend I'm in Essex with my boyfriend.. although he has been playing his ps3 constantly since we got here so I've started to get on with one of my essays. I'm writing about The Book of The Dead. I love it when I get to do an essay about something that I'm genuinely interested in, I always get much better marks.
On the way here I dropped my Blackberry on the the floor and I have ruined the screen. I'm gutted.. I can't afford to get it fixed and I can't get an upgrade until October so I'm going to have to use my old old old Blackberry in the meantime.
Anyway, before I went I had time to do my nails and I haven't done a NOTD in ages..

I used Models Own Champagne and Models Own Juicy Jules on my ring fingers.

Sorry about the rubbish quality photos. I really miss my DSLR. I really love Models Own nail polish, even though I only have 3 so far. I'm hoping to buy some more next time I get to Southampton!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend!


  1. Love the Juicy Jules shade, so glam! +eeeek, shame about your blackberry screen, hope it miraculously mends itself. Have a lovely weekend in Essex Xxx

  2. Yay for the end of lectures! Gorgeous nails :) They're so fun perfect for a party :)


  3. oww i die inside everytime i drop my phone :( sad times
    i'm going to paint my nails in juicy jules now! i hope i have

  4. I adore Models Own Champagne! Definitely my go-to colour, although I'm currently sporting Grace Green (: Hope you have a lovely weekend sweet. Blackberrys are so crap now, my first BB is still going strong, I need to switch back to it because my current one is dead :-P xo

  5. Ooh they're gorgeous colours! xx

  6. Definitely need Juicy Jules in my life! x

  7. haha no my first name isn't Rose
    it's hedley. Never in my life been called it i don't even think of it as my name..It's just on my passport ect haha!
    so i just get called Rose from like a few days after being born :) hate the name hedley
    i love the nails xx


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