Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sunday, Sunday here again in tidy attire

Close up of the pattern on the dress
Dress: H&M
Cardigan: New Look

Today's outfit, complete with boyfriend who won't get off his ps3! I love this dress, it only cost me £5 in the January sales last year from H&M but I have worn it to death. It's my go to dress when I want to impress. I wore it to my interview to my current job with a smart blazer and it obviously did the trick! Today my boyfriend's cousin and his wife came round and I'd never met them before so I made sure I looked smart.

I had a good day today, we had lunch in the garden and then watched some tv for the rest of the afternoon. We just watched the last of the BGT auditions. I'm gutted they didn't show a couple of the acts that auditioned when I was there though. There was a lady who did a dance with a couple of horses and two dogs and I thought it was really good!

I'm going to carry on with my essay now, my boyfriend is back on his ps3. I've had a weird headache for the past couple of days, it's just been on the right side and feels like something is squeezing my skull..


  1. The print and cut of the dress are gorgeous, such a good bargain! And love your boyfriend's look of PS3 concentration! Hope your headache goes away soon :) x

  2. That dress is absolutely gorgeous, I love the print!
    I hope your headache goes away soon!
    PS. Is your blog title from the Florence&TM song of the same name?

  3. I love your dress! A fiver, cor what a bargain! xoxo

  4. Your dress is really pretty!

  5. Super cute dress! you look really pretty :)
    hope you get rid of that headache!
    Kisses, Annie

    P.S: That is a great blog! So sweet background too!

  6. Your dress is lovely, can't believe what a bargain it was! It is so flattering!

  7. Wow, gorgeous dress!
    Glad you had a good day, Hope you'll feel better. Hate headaches!


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